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Good Luck!! read more

(Today, 04:39 AM)
: briana_elisaa   in: Off-Topic   : 11   : 1
Hi, this is for all our high school and college students! Final exams are right around the cor...

: helpful2468   in: General Chat   : 189   : 9
Ok, so now that we know when Black and Green is coming out does anyone have any predictions...

: Dbaz74@yahoo.com   in: Black and Green   : 233   : 0
Found this and thought I would share. Provides some insight as to why the father is back

: Victor_is_awesome   in: Theories   : 522   : 16
what do you all think of the synopsis of the book? I'm curious about what her dad considers norma...

Coloring Challenge! read more

(Apr 24 2017 04:09 AM)
: purplecherryblossom   in: Academy Challenges   : 304   : 10
Academy Challenge Time!  I know some of you have been waiting for the Academy Colo...

Hopefully May? Shut. Up. read more

(Apr 17 2017 03:14 PM)
: BLTS   in: General Chat   : 1,828   : 39
Direct quote from CL Stone (I can't post the screenshot cuz I'm apparently not tech savvy at all)...

Hidden Hearts Comic read more

(Mar 31 2017 10:02 PM)
: Leesharose   in: General Chat   : 770   : 12
So this morning i was going through Pinterest and in my feed was this little comic called "Hid...

Recomendation. read more

(Mar 22 2017 02:39 PM)
: Eliana   in: Off-Topic   : 879   : 2
Hi everybody. I hope is not bad that i recomend this. For me the mayority of time when waiting a...

: Mayor of North   in: Theories   : 573   : 9
I don't know if this is the right place to put this but I have some feelings on Jay....

Where is Immaculate? read more

(Feb 28 2017 06:31 PM)
: emam25   in: Stories and Fanfiction Chat   : 892   : 4
I was in the mood to reread Immaculate and I clicked on the bookmark today that takes me to Im...

: purplecherryblossom   in: General Chat   : 876   : 8
These are the moments that make you cheer, which one is your favorite?!  I am going to ma...

: purplecherryblossom   in: General Chat   : 792   : 9
Do you like the crossover moments?! I wish we had some more of the them. I find them very ente...

: purplecherryblossom   in: General Chat   : 804   : 7
I love the parts that make me smile and laugh!

: purplecherryblossom   in: General Chat   : 1,379   : 30
Best kiss! Sorry I know you probably would have loved me to put in all the kisses but I am bei...

: purplecherryblossom   in: General Chat   : 707   : 4
Same as before, which moment made you think "oh snap this is not going to be good!"!!

: purplecherryblossom   in: General Chat   : 623   : 6
So I had a request for some more of The Academy Awards

Academy Quiz Time! read more

(Feb 24 2017 04:18 PM)
: purplecherryblossom   in: Academy Challenges   : 888   : 15
Okay All, time to test you knowledge of some of the details you may have missed!  I can't...

B&G Cover!! read more

(Feb 17 2017 04:38 AM)
: purplecherryblossom   in: Black and Green   : 1,878   : 25
I know there is already a post about the cover and some of you may...

New and loving the series! read more

(Feb 17 2017 04:10 AM)
: Chiggs1993   in: Off-Topic   : 425   : 11
Hi I'm new to this website but not new to the seires i love the seires so much. I'm glad i was ab...

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