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: Lorst   in: Stories and Fanfiction Chat   : 149   : 0
I  read a fanfic last year andknow i can´tfind it. it´s a as...

Academy Book as a Manga? read more

(Aug 20 2018 08:07 PM)
: helpful2468   in: General Chat   : 207   : 1
Would it been awesome if the ghost bird series was a manga? I could almost see it as either a Jap...

Book Reactions!!! read more

(May 29 2018 02:23 AM)
: purplecherryblossom   in: Love’s Cruel Redemption   : 2,202   : 19
So what did everyone think of the book?!!  Is Nathan back in your good graces? Did you lo...

Victors Parents read more

(May 28 2018 09:56 PM)
: gotmamadrama   in: General Chat   : 694   : 3
I can't stand Victors parents. I read the teaser for Unsung Requiem and they seem to have no rede...

: gotmamadrama   in: General Chat   : 1,935   : 4
I just read the teaser for the next book Unsung Requiem. The two things that stood out to me were...

: Leesharose   in: Love’s Cruel Redemption   : 430   : 2
AHHHHHHHHH ITS 11PM HERE IN AUSTRALIA BUT I DONT CARE! ibooks just gave me a notification that my...

: helpful2468   in: General Chat   : 836   : 6
Here is a countdown for the new book Lover’s Cruel Redemption.

: Snowbird13   in: Love’s Cruel Redemption   : 737   : 7
I keep checking but no one is commenting on this yet?! Nathan is my least favorite guy but I’m...

: helpful2468   in: General Chat   : 585   : 3
What do you think will happen when Kota’s mom finds out about Sang and the guys dating situation?

Team house read more

(Mar 21 2018 08:52 AM)
: TJT1997   in: General Chat   : 816   : 8
I'm thinking that they will take over the house that North and Luke's uncle is renovating to be t...

Who is Volto? - theories read more

(Mar 04 2018 02:52 PM)
: klk13   in: General Chat   : 2,958   : 24
I have been trying to figure this out on my own for nearly one/two years now.I don't wa...

: Khaleesi   in: General Chat   : 898   : 9
Hey everyone! I was checking goodreads and I found out LCR has a cover, blurb and release date. W...

A little something =) read more

(Feb 24 2018 07:40 PM)
Here is a little snippet we’d thought you’d enjoy: He pushed a couple of fingers against...

I totally figured it out! read more

(Feb 02 2018 08:54 AM)
: Kat83   in: General Chat   : 3,055   : 34
Hi! I was rereading THPoS and it clicked. I know who Volto is. I kinda don't want to say. Because...

Getting Closer! read more

(Jan 31 2018 06:24 PM)
: Jme 1983   in: General Chat   : 809   : 3
In the last As I Write CLStone said she has started revising phase of LCR....yay! We are getting...

: spacebees   in: General Chat   : 920   : 18
Now, I don't know if this is the correct section to post this.I've been with this serie...

: helpful2468   in: General Chat   : 1,377   : 21
Hello, academy fans. Let’s play would you rather. I saw this in an older post and thought it woul...

: helpful2468   in: General Chat   : 1,275   : 2
These are questions for C.L. Stone either by me or fans of the Academy Series.When...

Happy Birthday Kota Lee read more

(Jan 03 2018 11:52 PM)
: helpful2468   in: General Chat   : 369   : 0
Happy birthday Dakota Lee. For gifts a day in a museum with Sang.

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