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      19 Jul

    Re-reading the ghost bird series for the second time this year...I've lost count of how many times I've read the series in all.

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      16 Jul

    Why can't I be a fictional character ? Or rather why can't fictional characters be real ?

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Book Reactions!!!

Love’s Cruel Redemption 29 May 2018
So what did everyone think of the book?!!  Is Nathan back in your good graces? Did you love the Mr. B scene?! Volto? Erica, whats her deal? what do you think is going on at the school? Kota? This book was so jam packed with stuff!  What are your thoughts?! Oh and I will mentio...
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Victors Parents

General Chat 28 May 2018
I can't stand Victors parents. I read the teaser for Unsung Requiem and they seem to have no redeeming qualities. The mother seems vain and cold. The father is a lecherous blowhard with delusions of grandeur. I wish he would get emancipated so he could finally be free of them. Every bit of presti...
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Unsung Requiem Teaser Mr.Buble

General Chat 28 May 2018
I just read the teaser for the next book Unsung Requiem. The two things that stood out to me were that this seems like it will be Victors book and Mr. Buble is about to be thrown in the mix. Mr. Bible is a complete unknown and unlike Dr. Roberts and Ms.Rose there's something about him I don't tru...
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Love’s Cruel Redemption is available! (In Australia a...

Love’s Cruel Redemption 27 May 2018
AHHHHHHHHH ITS 11PM HERE IN AUSTRALIA BUT I DONT CARE! ibooks just gave me a notification that my preorder book is available and I checked and it’s all downloaded. 😁
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Countdown to Lover’s Cruel Redemption

General Chat 06 May 2018
Here is a countdown for the new book Lover’s Cruel Redemption.https://www.timeandd...on&font=cursive This is for New York area time frame.
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