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      11 Dec

    Wish Silas was here to hug... sick as a "Dog" right now. (See what i did there!) lol

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      19 Jul

    Re-reading the ghost bird series for the second time this year...I've lost count of how many times I've read the series in all.

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      16 Jul

    Why can't I be a fictional character ? Or rather why can't fictional characters be real ?

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Questions for C.L. Stone for 2018

General Chat 11 Jan 2018
These are questions for C.L. Stone either by me or fans of the Academy Series. When is Dr. Sean Green's birthday? When will expect the release of Lovers Cruel Redemption? Will we get any clues of who Volto is in the next book?
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Happy Birthday Kota Lee

General Chat 03 Jan 2018
Happy birthday Dakota Lee. For gifts a day in a museum with Sang.
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New LCR Preview Chapter

General Chat 25 Dec 2017
Yikes! Looks like things are going to get complicated...the preview chapter was great! I can hardly wait for the book release...
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Happy Birthday Mr. Blackbourne

General Chat 22 Dec 2017
Happy Birthday to Mr. Blackbourne! Wonder if he'll take Sang to the lake again or if he'll just spend the time on his own....
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Where will the Academy gathering be this year?

General Chat 20 Dec 2017
They can't all be semi local. Will it be a cold place this year or maybe warm enough for swimming? I imagine the team will keep going until Sang and her time are official and long term. Then maybe, like Lily's team, they may not go. Unless, the Academy sees this as a growing trend and wants to...
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