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Mrs Sorenson

Theories Yesterday, 03:03 PM
I've been re-reading the early books and something occured to me. As far as i know (correct me if I'm wrong!) But we don't know anything about Mrs Sorenson's parents apart from them being alive, but no longer in contact with them. This combined with some of the things she said to Sang in the earl...
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Black and Green Overall Reaction

General Chat 22 Jun 2017
I wish I were organized enough in thought to write all of this down in the individual chapter threads, but this amazing book has turned my mind to mush so I hope you all will forgive my general overall book babbling. The letters- Ugh. I LOVE this. The A report used to be one of my favorite parts,...
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Marie has learned nothing

General Chat 21 Jun 2017
One of the things I hoped would happen in Black and Green was that Marie would finally show some growth and compassion towards Sang. I guess that was too much to ask for. Carol wasn't even half as bad as Mrs. Sorenson and she acted like she was dying. She really has all the worst traits from both...
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Academy Wallpapers!

Off-Topic 19 Jun 2017
I made some Academy wallpaper for a little something fun to help (like you need it) you get more excited for Black and Green!  There are wallpapers for laptops, kindles, and phones. If you download it on your phone you need to make sure you have a file manager to open it, probably the same f...
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General Chat 19 Jun 2017
BLACK AND GREEN IS NOW AVAILABILE ON IBOOKS!!!! I'm not sure about the other places like amazon but my guess it is. LET THE READING BEGIN!!!!
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