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      19 Jul

    Re-reading the ghost bird series for the second time this year...I've lost count of how many times I've read the series in all.

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      16 Jul

    Why can't I be a fictional character ? Or rather why can't fictional characters be real ?

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Academy Boys on Vacation Ideas

Off-Topic 18 Aug 2017
I just realize that it's almost the end of summer vacation. So here's the topic what would you like to see the Academy Boys do for fun for the summer. It could be either group (Ghost Bird or Scarab Beetle). What would you like them to do, eat, or explore? Put yourself in it to if you want.
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Solar Eclipse. What Will Academy Boys Do?

General Chat 15 Aug 2017
So it's a WWABD question. It is a Monday but I don't think it will be a school day yet. Charleston is going to see or not see depending on your perspective the total 100% eclipse around 2:30pm. Will they set up a viewing setup for the adopted neighborhood? Distribute glasses? Have their own priv...
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New Audiobooks

General Chat 28 Jul 2017
So who got the email about the new audiobooks? Who already knew about the new books out and didn't tell us?! And what do people think about all of the ones out getting redone? Personally i really like Holly's voice and I'm really sad that they won't be making any more.
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Do you think Sang will make it to 18 with her ghost status ?

General Chat 25 Jul 2017
I wonder with Mrs Sorenson being out and Volto somewhere in the background scheming is it possible Sang's ghost bird status could be in jeopardy? 1. Mrs Sorenson out the hospital,seemingly lucid and just as bitter and vicious as ever. She knows she's dying. She's divorcing Mr Sorenson and has no...
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Sang's boyfriends

General Chat 23 Jul 2017
I'm putting out this question for those who have read the books several more times than I have, or who have a better memory than me: How many of the guys have an official verbal agreement with Sang to be boyfriend/girlfriend? As far as I recall, it's only Silas, Gabriel, and Sean. Am I missing an...
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