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      19 Jul

    Re-reading the ghost bird series for the second time this year...I've lost count of how many times I've read the series in all.

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      16 Jul

    Why can't I be a fictional character ? Or rather why can't fictional characters be real ?

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The end is near

Academy Announcements and Sang's Closet 07 Nov 2018
over the years the activity of the forums have not only decreased in acivity but there has also been an increase of issues with the host. CL and I have come to a decision that we will close the forums...  soon.   We do have several facebook groups that love to discuss books and CL has a...
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Fanfiction name fogrotten and can´t find it

Stories and Fanfiction Chat 20 Sep 2018
I  read a fanfic last year andknow i can´tfind it.   it´s a assassins creed fanfiction about two girls (Sisters i think) who go back in time And meet Altair and Ezio. they have the same power as them (Eagle vision and that other power i don´t reamber the name of) and then later they go...
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Academy Book as a Manga?

General Chat 20 Aug 2018
Would it been awesome if the ghost bird series was a manga? I could almost see it as either a Japanese, Korean, or American comic. What do you think?
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Book Reactions!!!

Love’s Cruel Redemption 29 May 2018
So what did everyone think of the book?!!  Is Nathan back in your good graces? Did you love the Mr. B scene?! Volto? Erica, whats her deal? what do you think is going on at the school? Kota? This book was so jam packed with stuff!  What are your thoughts?! Oh and I will mentio...
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Victors Parents

General Chat 28 May 2018
I can't stand Victors parents. I read the teaser for Unsung Requiem and they seem to have no redeeming qualities. The mother seems vain and cold. The father is a lecherous blowhard with delusions of grandeur. I wish he would get emancipated so he could finally be free of them. Every bit of presti...
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