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      19 Jul

    Re-reading the ghost bird series for the second time this year...I've lost count of how many times I've read the series in all.

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      16 Jul

    Why can't I be a fictional character ? Or rather why can't fictional characters be real ?

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Prediction on Mrs.Lee’s Reaction

General Chat 21 Apr 2018
What do you think will happen when Kota’s mom finds out about Sang and the guys dating situation?
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Team house

General Chat 21 Mar 2018
I'm thinking that they will take over the house that North and Luke's uncle is renovating to be the house they live in together. And from the sneak preview C.L. gave us I think they need to start it soon. Anyone else have thoughts?
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Who is Volto? - theories

General Chat 04 Mar 2018
I have been trying to figure this out on my own for nearly one/two years now. I don't want to spoil the reveal for anyone, but I do like trying to solve the mysteries in books whether I'm right or wrong. I would love to hear what other people's theories are on who Volto is. (this chat could poten...
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LCR's cover, blurb and release date!! Is it r...

General Chat 03 Mar 2018
Hey everyone! I was checking goodreads and I found out LCR has a cover, blurb and release date. When did it happen?! Release date May 28th https://www.goodread...ruel-redemption
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