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Chapter 19-Nap

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Posted 19 June 2017 - 01:44 AM

Chapter 19-Nap

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Posted 22 June 2017 - 04:32 PM

The lady and the lion. I loved Sang getting North to go to sleep...again. She is good for him. Not letting his growling put her off when what he really needs is to relax. Learning from what they've done for her.

Nathan finally gets his Sang time. He so needs to be sure things are still all right between them. And Sang is stepping up to the plate, working on communication.

Luke arrives with food. Finally! I was beginning to wonder when she would get to eat this time. Maybe they should make a pact. Each time a guy comes to see her they bring her something healthy to eat. So maybe she'll eat several small meals a day. But they're always so happy to have time with her, they aren't thinking food. But they do know they need to watch her health so they should get on it!.
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Posted 30 June 2017 - 04:45 AM

They seem to be keeping the wrecked bathroom business a secret from Sang. How can they be mad, then, if she keeps secrets from them? She'll definitely be hurt about by what Nathan did, but also because they kept it from her.

North must be really tired to let Sang put him to bed when he thinks he has lots to do for her. Good for Sang for not letting him intimidate her. North still "terrifies" Sang when he looks scary and is in a fowl mood. I think North realizes how he often comes across as scary and cranky, and is gratefully surprised that Sang still cares for him. I think that's at the heart of why he always asks Sang if she still likes him. It's partly like a running joke, but he actually really needs to hear that he's not scaring her away.

Just by looking at his expression, Sang wonders if Nathan is overly jealous of seeing her with any of the other guys. Good luck, Sang!

Looks like Nathan's discovered Sang's secret "turn on" spot on her stomach. I wonder if this will become a bone of contention between him and Silas.

I guess there is a distinction between Victor knowing about her shower phobia by being told vs finding out. Good call by Sang in pointing that out. I think Sang and Nathan had a good beginning conversation. They cleared the air on a few things.

Nathan, as expected, acts as the North Junior of nutrition. I still don't know where they get their info on bacon, though. But I'm glad for their sakes. What's life without bacon? :)
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