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Chapter 15-Dolled

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Posted 19 June 2017 - 01:47 AM

Chapter 15-Dolled

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Posted 21 June 2017 - 01:06 AM

Oh no!! Is Carol in charge of hair and makeup now?!?! Gabriel's gonna kill her by the end of the chapter and the rest of the book will be about them helping him run from the cops. Lol
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Posted 22 June 2017 - 04:04 PM

I'm surprised Carol had a donate box for Marie's "bad" clothes. I'd think she'd throw them away with her high ideals. I can see her with a sign.

She really does think she is a queen bee, knowing what she does is best for the world. Sang had on a gray skirt and white blouse. What is WRONG with this woman!!!!
Has this woman never eaten at a diner? Is she that Oblivious to those around her that she can't control. Guess they don't count, just background to the picture in her head. But what does it matter what Sang is wearing if she's making her quit? Obviously the diner hasn't fired her for her clothes. If I were Sang I would say I need to hurry to have time to talk to my boss.

Pulling out soapbox. Okay. I admit this part really had me cringing and screaming because of my own history. My mom was fashion challenged and a little insensitive. I had to finally put my foot down and hissy fit REFUSE to go to her hairstylist who was happy to cut my hair the way mom thought was sooo cute. UCK. And I finally figured out when she asked me if I liked something in the store, the answer was
It would probably look very nice ON YOU.
Otherwise she would happily get it for me for a birthday or christmas. UCK.
It took me about a year to grow out of all the "perfectly good clothes" I had, while wearing only several items over and over. Mom complained that she was tired of seeing me in the same things all the time. I did my own laundry so she wouldn't complain about,that. I explained that I wasn't going to wear any of the other things because they were either noy age appropriate or ugly. Subtlety would not work. I tried. She thought she would wear me down. She honestly didn't get it and never has.

But even Mom never tried to put her makeup on me. Thank God!!!
And HAIRSPRAY!!! Yuck.

Poor Gabriel IS going to kill Carol.
And false eyelashes!!! And Pearls! OMG!
This woman HAS TO GO!
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